Upgrade to Custom ASIC


Developing a custom ASIC offers many compelling advantages. For some it is adding smarts to make a device more compelling; for others, it’s integrating a CPU and discretes onto a chip to reduce bill-of-material cost, footprint, and improve performance or protect IP. The custom ASIC process has become a much less costly and risky proposition over the last two decades. “Easy access” and “cost-effective” tools, services and IP enable development of a custom ASIC more easily and with a much lower risk.


Arm, imec.IC-link and Mentor are world leaders in the ASIC ecosystem and have joined forces to deliver a seminar for designers, engineering directors & managers and product managers to understand the latest options to deliver a product based on a custom ASIC.


The seminar will demystify the risks, explain options and explore supply chain partnership.


Who Should Attend

  • CTO’s, system architects, engineering & product directors, managers, and engineers who are
    • investigating custom ASIC to replace off-the-shelf ICs and FPGA’s, or
    • choosing embedded processors, or
    • exploring technology node and supply chain management options
    • wanting to investigate access to silicon foundries
  • Analog and mixed signal PCB and IC designers
  • Physical layout IC designers


What you will learn

  • Business, technical and cost factors influencing more companies to adopt custom ASIC to improve their product’s competitiveness and profitability
  • A detailed exploration of design process flow and cost-effective tools for ASIC development: design, simulation, physical layout & verification for manufacturability, full system verification
  • Key features of Arm’s Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 processors, subsystems, system IP and important physical IP
  • Arm’s DesignStart program which has a $0 upfront license fee and a new success based royalty model
  • Manufacturing process node choices and IP selection
  • Accessing Multi Project Wafers for low cost, prototype production
  • Considerations selecting design services, assembly (IC packaging) and test offering, and complete ASIC supply chain management.



Registration & breakfast is from 8.30am and the seminar formally starts at 9.30am.
A complimentary lunch is provided and the day is expected to close by 4pm.



Upgrade to Custom ASIC - Seminar



Wednesday the 15th of November 2017



Leuven, Belgium



08.30 am - 4.00 pm



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